A Guide On How To Cleanse Tarot Cards For Enhanced Readings – Unlocking Clarity

The magical world of tarot is not just about the cards but also about the energy they hold. Just like any tool used for divination, tarot cards can accumulate and retain power, which can, over …

A Guide On How To Cleanse Tarot Cards For Enhanced Readings - Unlocking Clarity

The magical world of tarot is not just about the cards but also about the energy they hold. Just like any tool used for divination, tarot cards can accumulate and retain power, which can, over time, impact the accuracy and clarity of your readings. Understanding how to cleanse these cards is crucial for anyone looking to practice tarot reading, whether a beginner or a seasoned professional. Let’s delve into the importance of washing tarot cards and the intricate connection between a cleansed deck and insightful readings.

A Guide On How To Cleanse Tarot Cards For Enhanced Readings - Unlocking Clarity

The History of Tarot Card Cleansing 

Tracing back to ancient civilizations, tarot cards have existed for centuries. While their primary use has always been divination, the methods and beliefs surrounding their maintenance and energy purification have evolved. Ancient shamans and mystics, who often relied on natural elements for their spiritual practices, emphasized keeping their divination tools, including tarot cards, clean and pure. As societies progressed and the world of tarot expanded, so did the cleansing methods, incorporating newer techniques while still honoring age-old traditions.

Why It’s Essential to Cleanse Your Tarot Cards

Imagine using a computer with a virus; it’s slow, inefficient, and unreliable. Similarly, a tarot deck infused with lingering energies can give unclear or distorted readings. Cleansing your tarot cards helps in:

  • Removing Negative Energies: Just as we pick up energies from our environment, so do our tarot cards. These energies can cloud the cards’ intuition and messages.
  • Enhancing Connection to Intuition: A cleansed deck resonates better with the reader’s energies, paving the way for more precise insights.
  • Maintaining the Purity of the Deck: Just as a musical instrument needs tuning, a tarot deck requires regular cleansing to maintain its energetic balance and accuracy.

When Should You Cleanse Your Tarot Cards?

Identifying the right time to cleanse your cards is as essential as the act. Several signs indicate the need for cleansing:

  • After Purchasing a New Deck: Always cleanse a new deck to remove residual energies from the production process or previous handlers.
  • When Cards Feel “Off”: If your intuition feels blocked or readings seem consistently unclear, it signals that your Deck needs cleansing.
  • Post Negative or Intense Readings: After heavy sessions or readings that delve into profound issues, it’s beneficial to clear the energies absorbed by the cards.
  • Regular Maintenance: Like any spiritual tool, a tarot deck thrives on routine care. Cleansing your Deck monthly or weekly, depending on usage, can ensure optimal performance.

Physical Cleaning vs. Energetic Cleansing 

Cleaning tarot cards is twofold: physical and energetic.

  • Physical Cleaning: This is about keeping the cards free from dust, oils, or any residue that can physically damage them. Using a soft cloth and ensuring they’re stored in a clean environment are vital components.
  • Energetic Cleansing: Beyond the physical realm lies the world of energies. Tarot cards, being tools of intuition, absorb energies from the surroundings, the reader, and the querent. Energetic cleansing is about clearing these absorbed energies to reset the Deck to its pure state.

Methods for Physical Cleaning of Tarot Cards

  • Using a Soft Cloth: Gently wipe each card with a soft, lint-free cloth. This removes any fingerprints or smudges and helps maintain the card’s vibrancy.
  • Safe Cleaning Agents: If cards become stained, it’s essential to use mild cleaners that won’t damage them. Take a damp cloth and add a tiny drop of water to it. Mild soap can be used, followed by a dry cloth to ensure no moisture remains.
  • Protection from Wear and Tear: Using card sleeves or storing them in a wooden or silk-lined box can protect cards from external damage, ensuring longevity.

Introduction to Energetic Cleansing

Everything, including us, vibrates with energy. Tarot cards, being intuitive tools, are susceptible to these vibrations. Over time, they accumulate various points from different readings and environments. Energetic cleansing helps reset these cards, ensuring that each task is pure and not influenced by past energies. Multiple cultures and spiritual practices have unique ways of energetically cleansing tools, but the underlying principle remains the same: restoring balance and purity.

Smudging Your Tarot Cards

Smudging, a Native American practice, has gained global recognition as an effective cleansing technique.

  • Choosing the Right Herbs: While sage is the most popular, other herbs like palo santo, cedar, and sweetgrass can also be used.
  • How to Smudge: Light the chosen herb until it smolders, producing smoke. Pass each tarot card through the smoke, visualizing any negative energy being cleared away.
  • The Benefits: Smudging not only clears negative energies but also blesses the object with the positive energies of the smudging herb.
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Using Crystals for Tarot Card Cleansing

Crystals, with their healing and cleansing properties, can be potent allies in keeping your tarot deck energetically clean.

  • Best Crystals: Clear quartz, selenite, and amethyst are among the top choices for tarot card cleansing.
  • Methods: Place a crystal atop your Deck overnight, allowing it to absorb and clear any unwanted energies. Alternatively, creating a crystal grid around your Deck can amplify the cleansing process.

Moonlight Cleansing

The moon, with its phases and energy, offers a gentle way to cleanse and charge your tarot cards. By placing your Deck under the moonlight, especially during a full moon, you allow lunar energy to clear any stagnation and recharge your cards.

Using Sound Vibrations

Sound, a powerful energy cleanser, can be used in the form of bells, chimes, or singing bowls. The vibrations help break up stagnant energy, revitalizing your tarot deck.

Visualization and Intention Setting

The mind, when focused, can move mountains. Through visualization, you can mentally cleanse your tarot deck. By visualizing a light engulfing your cards, you can set the Intention to cleanse and purify them. This method, combined with others, amplifies the cleansing process.

Salt Burying Method

Salt, a natural cleaner, can absorb unwanted energies. Burying your tarot cards in a bowl of salt overnight can help draw out and neutralize these energies. However, ensure your cards are well-protected or wrapped to prevent salt damage.

Reordering the Deck

Returning the cards to their original order symbolizes resetting their energy. It also helps the reader reconnect with the fundamental essence of the tarot deck.

Maintaining the Cleanliness of Your Tarot Deck

Maintaining a cleanse deck ensures consistent and precise readings. Regularly following the methods mentioned above, combined with proper physical care like storing cards in a clean, dry place, can prolong the life and efficacy of your tarot deck.

Addressing Skepticism

While skeptics might deem cleansing a mere superstition, many tarot readers vouch for its efficacy. Sharing experiences and testimonials, we’ll dive into why cleansing is integral to the tarot journey.

How Cleansing Can Improve Your Readings

A well-maintained car performs better than a well-cleansed tarot deck. Through real-life examples and success stories, we’ll explore how a cleansed deck can lead to more transparent, more insightful readings.

How often do you cleanse tarot cards?

Cleansing tarot cards isn’t a one-size-fits-all practice. The frequency can depend on the intensity of the readings, your energy, and how often you use them. Some readers prefer to cleanse their cards after every lesson, especially when doing tasks for others. This ensures lingering energies from the querent don’t carry over to the next session. Others might cleanse their cards weekly or monthly as part of a routine. If you use the cards primarily for personal readings, a monthly cleansing or even whenever they feel “off” could suffice. Trust your intuition; if your lessons seem muddled or your Deck feels heavy, it’s probably time for a cleanse.

How do you deep cleanse a tarot deck?

Deep cleansing a tarot deck is about a thorough, energetic reset. Start by physically cleaning each card with a soft cloth. Then, use smudging: light sage or palo santo, passing each card through the smoke. Pair this with sound vibrations by ringing a bell or using a singing bowl near the Deck. Next, bury the cards in a bowl of salt or place them under moonlight overnight. Lastly, reorder the cards to their original sequence. This multi-step process ensures the Deck is not only cleansed of unwanted energies but also recharged and ready for use.

Can I throw away tarot cards?

Tarot cards, like any object, can be disposed of. However, because many consider them spiritual tools, simply tossing them in the trash might feel dismissive or disrespectful. If you need to dispose of a deck, consider a ceremonial approach. You can bury them, safely burn them, or even release them into running water. The key is to part with the cards with gratitude and respect for the guidance they’ve provided.

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When not to read tarot cards?

There are moments when reading tarot cards may not be ideal:

  • When you’re exceptionally emotionally distressed or not in a clear state of mind.
  • If you’re attempting to read cards under the influence of alcohol or other substances.
  • When you’ve been doing multiple readings in a row and feel energetically drained.
  • If you’re repeatedly trying to seek answers to the same question, hoping for a desired response.
  • When reading for someone skeptical, uncomfortable, or unconsenting.

What happens if you don’t cleanse your tarot cards?

Not cleansing your tarot cards can lead to messy readings, where the cards’ messages seem unclear or contradictory. Over time, energies from various assignments can mix, making it difficult to discern the specific guidance for a particular session. An uncleaned deck can also feel energetically heavy or “stuck,” hindering readers’ connection to their intuition and the cards themselves.

Can you read your tarot cards?

Absolutely! Reading for oneself is a common practice among tarot enthusiasts. It’s a beautiful way to gain personal insights, reflect on situations, and connect with one’s intuition. However, being objective can be challenging, so it’s essential to approach personal readings with an open mind and without attachment to outcomes.

What crystals purify Tarot decks?

Several crystals can purify tarot decks. Clear quartz is a universal cleanser and amplifier. Selenite, with its ethereal connection, can clear energy blockages. Amethyst can protect and cleanse, and black tourmaline can absorb and transmute negative energies. Placing these crystals on or around your Deck can help the purification process.

How do you recharge a tarot deck?

Recharging a tarot deck is about infusing it with positive energy. Placing the Deck in moonlight, especially during a full moon, can recharge its energies. Another method is establishing a charged crystal, like clear quartz, atop the Deck. Meditation and visualization, where you envision the Deck enveloped in a revitalizing light, can also rejuvenate its energy.

How do you use tarot cards for the first time?

If you’re using tarot cards for the first time, it can be intimidating. Exciting journey. Begin by physically cleaning them. Familiarize yourself with each card, spending time reflecting on the imagery. Then, set an intention for your Deck—what do you hope to achieve with it? Start with simple spreads, like a one or three-card draw, and note your interpretations in a journal.

How long do I leave my tarot cards in the moonlight?

Leaving your cards out for the entire night is ideal for a moonlight cleanse. However, ensuring they get a few hours under the peak full moon is sufficient for a thorough recharge.

What incense cleans tarot cards?

Various incense can cleanse tarot cards. Sage is a popular choice due to its purifying properties. Other options include:

  • Frankincense, which elevates spiritual vibrations.
  • Lavender is known for its calming effects.
  • Cedar, which repels negative energies.

How do you shuffle tarot cards?

Shuffling tarot cards is both a practical and symbolic action. It mixes the cards while also aligning them with the reader’s energy. Hold the Deck and use the other to move cards around. Alternatively, spread them on a table, swirling them in random patterns. There’s no one “right” way to shuffle; the method that feels right to you is the best. Remember, it’s about connecting with the Deck and ensuring a random distribution of cards for a reading.


A journey through the significance, methods, and benefits of cleansing tarot cards reveals its undeniable importance. Encouraging every tarot enthusiast, novice or seasoned, to incorporate these cleansing practices ensures more precise readings and a deeper connection to one’s intuition.

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